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Accessibility of the disabled

Accessibility of the disabled

And when there are mobility problems…
No problem!

CITY TAXI for everyone…

A vehicle specially designed to transfer people on wheelchair (people with mobility difficulties and the disabled) is included in the transport fleet of CITY TAXI enhancing even more our relationship with the citizens, since we provide comprehensive solutions.

It also contains an electrical ramp. Its capacity varies, since it can transport:

1-2 wheelchairs and 5 escorts
3 wheelchairs and 5 escorts
4 wheelchairs and 4 escorts

It has also big space for luggage, comfortable seats, air conditioning and wheelchair transportation. It is available for excursions, trips and tours.

Transportation from and towards hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, airports, harbors, railway stations, events and any other destination of your choice.

Always next to you
at the right moment

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