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The administration message

In City Taxi we like to set high standards and provide high quality services in order to please even the most demanding passenger.

We love our job and we constantly take part in new workshops and seminars introducing innovative ideas that will cover the new needs that are created.

For us, the triptych of success is “Formality – Kindness – Cleanliness”.

It will be our pleasure to offer our services to you! Our team right now is consisted of experienced drivers who are ready to serve you.

Our team

Right now our team consists of experienced drivers who are ready to serve you

zhna arxonth

Archonti Zina

drosos gkoutzourelas

Goutzourelas Drosos

xtistoforos karanikas

Karanikas Christoforos

antonis mpatzogiannis

Mpatzogiannis Antonis

xristos papaxristos

Papachristos Christos

charalampos sxoinas

Schoinas Charalambos

nikos ioannidis

Ioannidis Nikos

vaggelis katsikas

Katsikas Vaggelis

sakis mpatzogiannis

Mpatzogiannis Sakis

sakis tzikas

Tzikas Sakis

fotis xrysikos

Chrisikos Fotis

giorgos xatzis

Chatzis Giorgos

panos goniaris

Goniaris Panos

vasilis kleisiaris

Klisiaris Vasilis

vaia panagiotou

Panagiotou Vaia

nikitas raptis

Raptis Nikitas


Faslis Elias

antonis xatzis

Chatzis Antonis

manos goniaris

Goniaris Manos

nikos karagiorgos

Karagiorgos Nikos

vaso koukotsika

Koukotsika Vaso

stavros papazoglou

Papazoglou Stavros

fotis raptis

Raptis Fotis

Always next to you
at the right moment

Contact us

Lagou 4, street, Larissa, Greece
+30 2410 200 200
+30 6989 200 200

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